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6th-Nov-2010 05:57 pm - Traveling
Well, hello there class! This is a post for the "computer concepts" class at the University of South Carolina Beaufort. Sooo I'm suppose to pick a topic...lets see. I really enjoy traveling and hiking, those are two of my favorite things to do so I figure I'll talk a little about that and upload some photos from my journeys. This summer I made a trip to Canada and Australia and thoroughly enjoyed both areas. In Canada I traveled around Alberta and went to places like Calgary and Banff and a few other spots. It was perfect weather although I hear their winter months last forever! I LOVE dinosaurs and we visited a town that was only built up because dinosaur bones were found there and they had a wonderful museum. Also got to see the traveling Body exhibit which was extremely interesting. Australia...I can't say enough about it. It was truly amazing. The people, the locations, the ocean, etc. I'm determined to move there now haha. I've also visited places like Japan and Thailand and i'm hoping to make a trip to Africa next summer. Japan was definitely an experience. I went only knowing a small amount of Japanese (enough to get me around) but everything was written in Kanji so that was a little difficult. I had a little trouble in Tokyo: the people weren't too friendly with me but I had a great time in the country. I climbed Mt. Fuji which was incredible and visited some friends in Kobe and Osaka. Osaka was beautiful! I could keep writing on and on about everything but I think this is a good place to end it. Thanks!

27th-Jun-2008 07:14 pm - WALL-E!!
note to self; Watch these movies:  Brideshead Revisited, The Fall, Coffee and Cigarettes, Garden Party, Sixty Six, Transsiberian, Under the Same Moon, Bolt, Son of Rambo, Priceless, The Edge of Heaven, and The Visitor.

oh and I foolishly forgot to mention.....WALL-E COMES OUT TODAY!!! woooo i'm headin to see in it an half hour. Pixar, one day I shall work with you. (oh and I saw the movie Fierce People yesterday and it was quite good. Check it out.)
 (Wall-E graffiti I did on Facebook)
27th-Jun-2008 05:33 pm - I wonder..
Holy moley..i'm making a record number of posts!! Haha..I'm never on this but I have the day off and what am I doing? Sitting on the computer. Of course, after my fun wild adventures. =P
So, I have two things on my mind. But before I get to those two things: I think i'm moving. We might be moving to a small town in Massachusetts. I've never even been to that state before haha..i'm afraid it'll be hard to meet people and i'll just become a hermit stuck inside her home all the time. We'll see. but ok so the two things:

One: I'm doomed. I feel as though i've really screwed myself over. I don't think my life goals are really going to pan out the way I thought they would. I was going to try to be a digital animator (my dream was to work with Pixar) but now I feel as though I don't have enough talent for it. It's some damn hard work and it takes a lot of time but there are so many people out there that are already a million times better then me and as years go on it just becomes more advanced...i feel like i'm too far behind and there's no catching up. Of course i'm interested in other types of art (photography, ceramics, sketching, painting, film, theater..so on) but it's almost as if any type of sense I had made for my life is gone and now i'm just a wondering empty sack....melting into the shadows. That sounds emo (what a terrible word) but oh well.
second: I NEVER look through magazines and I NEVER watch reality tv shows but for the past couple weeks I have...and all I have to ask is: WHY!?!??! Why do people get so wrapped up in these people? They are PEOPLE just like anyone else! Why do you care about their every move...what they do at all hours of the day...who they are with and whether or not they are pregnant??! I just don't get it. I've dated a couple "famous" people in the past and guess what? They were not different from anyone else. They have just sought a career that happens to show their face a lot but in the end it is just a career like everyone else. I just don't understand. But again, oh well.

That's all. Oh and from my last post about Japan: here are some pictures:

(picture i drew when i got bored)

that's only like 20 pictures out of 400 haha
25th-Jun-2008 11:16 pm - Traveling
oh by the way....I finally made it to Japan!
I was there for a few weeks...in some ways I was disappointed, but in others extremely suprised. The bad thing was: the people there are extremely racist!! I would have never imagined in my life I would have been treated that way. Everyone, and I mean everyone, stares at you...and not in a good way. I was confronted by plenty of people, yelled at in japanese, told to leave, and refused service. Some people were nice and polite but for the most part they all hated me. "Gaijin," incase you don't know, is a bad word for a foreigner. I was called that a good number of times. BUT!! It was extremely beautiful there!! Never could have imagined such beautiful sites. We climbed two mountains, including Hakone and Fuji. We travelled all over Tokyo and visted pretty much all the touristy sites. I must say that i LOVEEE the country side a whole lot more then i do the busy city/tokyo side. Tokyo just reminded me of New York City times 4 and in a different language and much cleaner haha. The kanji symbols made it a little tough to figure out how to get around and what to say but I made due with the japanese that I had learned, enough to get by anyways. And I love how there is no tax there and they don't believe in tipping haha.
All in all, it was a wonderful experience. If I ever decide to go back though i'll definitely make sure to learn fluent Japanese so I can yell at people back haha.

Next summer i'll be in Turkey for a few weeks then Hawaii for a month. And I might be back-packing through Europe with Jessica. But we'll see. Ta ta for now.
4th-May-2005 01:39 pm - TEDDY!!!
Just to Teddy:
I'm at the school right now and i looked up ur site *ardent games* and the computers here won't allow it cause it has the word "games" in it so it automatically closes the web browser...grrr!!! Soooo for that coding that takes away the title/url ur gunna have to find a root url or something so that we can open it at school...i derno, just thought i'd update u since i'ma administrator now haha =D
3rd-May-2005 01:33 pm - mass murder >.

damnn...every single time i TRY to stay in my fourth block (starting to get in trouble for amounts of skipping) i end up getting in a fight with that damn kid Peter Miller.  Gawd..i NEVER hate people but this person i absolutely can't stand...hate becomes a common word in my mind when around him.  I Can't stand one thing about that kid...even the look of his face wants me to beat him up.  *incase u don't remember i'll do a quick update about him*
Peter Miller: Tan mexican lookin fish boy.
Enjoys to hump chairs cause he is a fag and can't get anything except inanimate objects
Thinks he's absolutely the most awesome thing in the world...gahh i can't wait till someone makes him look like a complete fool.
Yeah..the list goes on...
anywho: this kid has thrown me into chairs, slams the drawer into my stomach, tried to choke me in the fucking hallway...and grabbed my fucking ass.  ok if i hate you, don't u dear touch me..kfajflkjsf
So today he started doin his usual "youra fucking goth, shut the hell up bitch" and i blew up, startin yellin at him and walked outta the room...ekk i dunno how much trouble i'll be in but for now i'm just gunna skip the rest of the day....GAHHH im hate guys right now >.< asssss...hoooles *says in lil kids voice from meet the fockers*
but Yeah...just wanted to rant a lil about that so i could feel a lil better lol...peace!!
to go to prom or not to go, that is the question...lol (not the dress i want but i thought this was purdy ne ways)

2nd-May-2005 01:20 pm - holy jezuz!!
fruits basket

My word it has been a while since i've updated...dear me! lol...yeah so i'm in class right now and i usually don't update anymore cause i skip this class and when i get home i always forget to update but here we are!!! (^.^)/ ello everyone =D missed yaz!
Ok so thing have been complicated as hell and i've been pretty depressed lately...can't really talk much about it though cause half of it deals with people who might or could read this.  But...to start of what is making me pretty depressed right now is the Lauren and Brooke died in a car accident the other night...it was horrible.  Their car swirved and hit on coming traffic and hit this car head on and both cars blew up...brooke and lauren were pronounced dead at the site, i believe the other is in critical condition and im not sure about the driver...and i guess another person in the other car died as well.  People are wearing shirts at school with brooke's picture on it and it just makes me go crazy...i see it and it's just like *bam* a slap in the face cause it shows you how short life can be...they were only 15. Didn't even get their sweet 16 yet (though mine wasn't very sweet...pretty much sucked).  And then I got in a fight with Hugo and that kid has been ignoring me for days...i practically beg on my knees asking for him to talk to me and he just acts like ima ghost so i figured screw it...i'm done trying, i'll play it his way and just won't talk to him anymore.  It still really bugs me though but i'll get over it.  Then Teddy was being dumb...he was playing around and said he was going to block me so i was like HAH *blocks* got u first!! just messing around ya know and he get on his other screen name cursing at me..im like omw...since when is blocking taken as murder? so i blocked him again for cursing at me and that kid is STILL going crazy over it...faggish.  My mother has been yelling at me cause i've decided not to go to prom...who the hell yells at their kid for trying to save them money?! But yeah, i don't have a date...if i DID have a date i'd prolly go but yeah...all my friends want me to go but i want the day i go to prom to be the day i have an actual date...so it can be kinda romantic-ish, ya know?  Not some lame tag along.  I had someone in mind that i wanted to go with but yeah...that didn't work out...i suck when it comes to guys >.<!!  That and half of the guys i know don't wanna go to prom...gay.  But i at least still have my senior prom to go to...which i will go to no matter what.  Arg!  School is getting close to over...i've got so many mixed feelings about it...half of me can't wait to get out but the other half wants to stay around my friends.  I know once i get outta school i won't talk to them all summer or do ne thing with them and that just bums me out...*sniffle*  but then again i hate most of my classes so it's like YESSS no more damn work.  And another thing that's got me mixed up is me being a senior next year...like i'm soooo excited to get outta school, i've been waiting my whole life for this...but now i'm also sooo friggin scared.  I dun wanna leave me friends...i dun wanna grow up, get a job, have an actual life where i can't depend on my family for everything...it's freaky.  The fact that I, Calle Kaonie Kida Marie Teresa Le' Non Cu Neeko Chenevey Schrader (yes, it's long...and embarresing but hey..when the time comes for it, call it how it is) or aka Dolly (much easier) will actually be an "adult". It's so messed up.  I don't know where i wanna go to college, or if i even WANT to go to college....all i know is that i wanna travel.  Which i'll most likely do but i'll still have the financial problems (yeah for back packing in europe and japan!) but man it's scary...me on my own...ack!! So many things to think about...but for now, i'm gunna skip class...sooo BUBYE!! <3

30th-Mar-2005 03:26 pm - exciting and busy

Well spring break seems to be going pretty well..i've been busy everyday so far which has NEVER happened before.  All my breaks usually consist of my doing what i'm doing now: spending each and every second of the day on the 'puter.   Sooo...to update:  been hanging out with Stephanie Wilburn and Stephanie Sato most the time.  Two days ago Stephanie Sato and I walked from Palmetto Hall to the movie theaters, watched "Miss Congeniality 2" which was hilarious..bahaha her boobs were all outta place...funny stuff, then we walked to adventure cove (thought we were going to meet Maria there but she ended up not making it) and i mooched money off of Marcus and got a subways lol, yum...then we walked back to Tabby but the WHOLE entire time we were walkin to all these places, almost every car that passed us either honked, whisteled at us, or rolled down their windows and yelled out "hey baby" or something close to that sort.  90% of them were mexican lol (not hating on mexicans or anything...just stating the facts).  Everytime we tried to cross the street SOMEONE would beep and scare the hell outta us..it's like "WTF ARE U TRYING TO DO?! make us look so we DO get hit?! fags."  and then one car stopped in the middle of traffic and it was a car full of mexicans and they asked us if we needed a ride...hm...i wonder what woulda happened if we did get in the car O.o  scary.  Then when it was like pitch black and i was waiting for a ride at Tabby this car of mexicans pulled up next to us and started talkin in spanish so i'm like "Stephie...you know spanish, make them go away...in spanish." and they were like "Hola...donde esta?" i'm like O.O AHHH!! *freaks out* he has like scary piercings, tattoos and stuff too lol.  And they wouldn't leave!! ..finally i like turn my back to them to start laughing and they back up and go away but po' stephie was scared to go in her house cause they might follow her lol i was like "run to ur house, lock ur doors...be safe." lol.  It was pretty exciting though, it was fun to walk around...though i'm scared of cars lol and a cop car was right infront of us while we were trying to cross.  Then yesterday i had Stephanie Wilburn over and we watched "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" which ROCKED \m/(>.<)\m/ that movie was awesome, i dun care what Ross says...i loved it.  Then we tried getting a hold of Tuan but that kid is NEVER home and then we got a hold of Ross and Hugo and ended up meeting up with them at the movies and watched the movie "Robots" for the second time...i <3 it lol.  Guys are weird...they each sat a seat away from each other and us..i'm like "wtf? do we have cooties or something?" lol.  Then we went to java joes and met up with like 50 million people and the security people came and kicked us out then we went to this hotel for a party but that turned out to be a failure and got threatened to have the cops called on us...then walked on the beach and OMW i saw the most beautiful thing i've ever seen in my life...it was the moon and it was bright orange and was almost hitting the ocean water and the stars were shining and the moons covered tiny lil parts of the top of the moon...wow.  I wanted my camera so bad.  I wanted to just sit and look at it all night but of course the guys wouldn't do that lol...it was amazing (i know i know...i'ma dork).  So yeah...then just went home, put on The Lion King 2 for Stephanie lol then fell asleep.  Now i'm here...i'm suppose to call Ross to see what we are doing today but i'm being lazy.  They won't miss me =P and hugo still hates me!! WTF?!  am i really that bad?!...arg >.< I hate when guys won't tell me what it is i'm doing wrong...pisses me off so much.  But yeah...i wrote a damn lot...g'bye!!


 <--funny hehe =D

27th-Mar-2005 02:59 am - Horny =P

one more thing before i go to bed:

I'm horny!! lmao =O  but who wouldn't be after lookin at


THESE!! omw...hot hot hotCollapse )

and something that's not AS hot but just as fun


1776 picturesCollapse )</font>


27th-Mar-2005 02:03 am - Gay guys come my way
my mission in life:
Make a gay guy straight.  Or bi at least.
that is all
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